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  • Request to Parent and Guardian for a Remote Learning Release

    During this time of remote instruction, St. Vincent de Paul will be utilizing online resources to provide continuing classroom instruction to students. In order to ensure that every child in the class receives the instruction, the online instruction will be video and audio recorded so that it can be accessed at a later time.

    The primary focus of the video and audio recording will be on the instruction and the teacher, not on the students in the class. However, questions and comments asked and spoken by students will be part of the recording. Only students assigned to that specific class will have access to the video recording.

    Otherwise, the recordings will not be made public by the online vendor or St. Vincent de Paul in any capacity. The form provided below will be used to document your permission for these activities.


    (This form is to be completed either by the parents/legal guardians of minor students participating in online instruction or by students who are 18 or more years of age that are participating in online instruction)

  • I am the parent/legal guardian of the child listed above. I have read and understand that online instruction will be subject to video and audio recording and as such, video images and/or audio recordings of my child might be captured.

    • I do NOT give permission for the video and audio recording of online instruction.
  • By selecting the "I Accept" button, you are signing this Agreement electronically. You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this Agreement.