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We are a faith-centered Catholic school serving our parish and community through prayer and action. 
The focus of instruction is to help students achieve their highest individual potential. As facilitators of learning, teachers motivate, guide, and support students by utilizing a variety of teaching techniques. 
In partnership with parents, we establish a foundation that encourages students to make responsible choices and to become life-long learners in our global community.



St. Vincent strives to make Catholic education accessible to all families.  Tuition grants provide financial assistance to low and middle-income families, as well as families that experience difficulties due the economy or unexpected health issues, at times when tuition needs are the highest.   Families may apply for needs-based financial assistance through the Fulcrum Foundation and St. Vincent de Paul School.

Come see for yourself.

We invite you to Contact Us for more information and to schedule a visit to see how St. Vincent’s Catholic School can help grow the roots of our faith and learning in your child.


Admissions Policy

A. St. Vincent de Paul School exists primarily to educate those Parish children whose families are committed to the Catholic faith and Catholic education.

B. St. Vincent de Paul School admits qualified students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies and scholarships. Students possessing physical or emotional disabilities will not be denied admission solely by reason of the disability.

C. Normally, no more than 30 students will be accepted for grades 1-8. A waiting list will be established as soon as classes are filled.

D. As openings occur for each grade level, admissions are considered on the following priority basis (any exceptions must be approved by the pastor):

NOTE: Families registered in more than one parish will be considered non-parishioners.

1. Children of St. Vincent de Paul parishioners who have children presently enrolled in the school.

2. Children of parishioners who are registered in and supportive of St. Vincent de Paul Parish. Supportive families are those who regularly support the financial needs of the Parish (only the regularity of the financial support is considered -- not the amount). The length of time a family has been registered in and supportive of the Parish and their level of involvement in parish life are taken into consideration.

3. Children of non-parishioners who have children presently enrolled in the school.

4. Children of families who are registered in other Catholic parishes with first preference given to Parish subsidized families.

5. Children of parishioners who are registered in the St. Vincent de Paul Parish. 

6. Children of non-parishioner families.

E. Admission of students is dependent upon the results of testing and an interview by a faculty member and/or the principal. Admission is also contingent upon receipt and review of prior school records. 

F. A child must be 6 years of age by August 31 for entrance into the first grade and/or meet our school’s first grade criteria. (Exceptions: See "special policies.") 

G. An immunization form must be submitted by all new students before a child can attend school.

Admissions Calendar

January - Catholic Education Week begins the last weekend of January. Open House will be after all Masses that weekend. Call the school for specific times and dates 253-839-3532.

February - Open enrollment for the following year is during the month of February.
Registration forms are accepted after February, but those received during February have priority.

March - Registration forms are reviewed by administration.

April - Parents are notified whether students are accepted for April testing or placed on the waiting list. 

May - Family interviews for students tested in April are scheduled.

June - Final acceptance letters are mailed.

July-August - New students are accepted as openings are available.