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2019-2020 Fees and Tuition Rates -- Parishioner

K - 8 Base Rate    1 child $5900
                                      2 children $11,505
                                      3 children $16,715
                                      4 children $18,850
Pre K Program 
Five Day Program          $3,000.00 Per Child 
Pre-School Program 
Four Day Program          $1,800.00 Per Child 

2019-2020 Fees and Tuition Rates -- Non-Parishioner

K - 8 Rate                         $7,750.00 Per Child
Pre K Program
Five Day Program              $3,000.00 Per Child
Pre-School Program
Four Day Program            $1,800.00 Per Child

Archdiocese of Seattle Annual Tuition Assistance Grants

To obtain a tuition assistance grant at a participating Catholic school in the Archdiocese, the family must complete in full the Archdiocesan application form and submit the application form to the school(s) where the family member(s) will be attending. 

Tuition assistance funds for those in need are available from the Fulcrum Foundation. The Fulcrum Foundation is accepting applications on-line this year. Apply 

Once you apply on-line, you need to give Mrs. Stewart a copy of the application, along with the necessary documentation to send to the Fulcrum Foundation; your application is complete only when they receive the documents from the school. 

Applications and documentation are due to Mrs. Stewart no later than February 1st of the current school year. If you are applying for assistance to more than one school, you must submit forms to both schools.

Principals Tuition Assistance Fund

To obtain financial aid from St. Vincent de Paul School, the family must first apply for an Archdiocesan grant. St. Vincent de Paul School Financial Aid forms are available from the principal or click the link below. The form must be completed in full and submitted to the principal by February 1st of the current school year.

Tuition Assistance Form

School Closure