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St. Vincent de Paul School PACE Auction

Our 40th Annual P.A.C.E. Auction and Gala Dinner!

We had a wonderful time at our Gala Auction! It took place at the Seattle Airport Marriott. Thank you sponsors and attendees for making it a memorable auction! We have next year's date for you! It's going to be March 16th 2024! Save the Date! It's going to be a fantastic celebration of our school! We are already looking to get things going for next year, if you would like to volunteer or sponsor please email us at 

Thank you St. Vincent's! 

1.  PACE stands for Parish Auction for Catholic Education

2.  The St. Vincent de Paul Auction began in 1982 and has raised thousands of dollars to 

     support the school and Catholic Education.

3.  PACE is the single, largest fundraiser to support St. Vincent de Paul School

4.  Business sponsorships play a key role in success of the auction. 

5.  PACE is comprised of the Silent Auction and Gala Auction 

6.  Over the years PACE has played a critical role in supporting the operating budget of the

     school. Additionally, the auction and the fund-an-item portion of the auction has: 


· Supported the computer and technology fund which includes 60 Chromebooks

· Provided scholarships to graduates attending local Catholic high schools

· Supported the Principals fund and teachers wish list

· Provided furniture and a piano for the music room.

· Provided blinds for the gym and a sound system for the drama troupe

· New desks and chairs for each classroom.

· Provided funding for renovation of Penny’s Park.

· Refinished the gym floor

· Provided for regrading and finishing the play field

· Contributed to our Endowment Fund which hit the $1 million dollar goal in 2020


7.  The goal each year is to be better than the previous year’s PACE.

8.  The PACE gala auction is a fun community building/fundraising event that attracts

     nearly 300 parishioners, parents, grandparents and friends of St. Vincent de Paul.

9.  PACE auction provides hundreds of distinctive, one-of-a-kind silent and live auction 

     items for your bidding. 

10. PACE is supported by parents, friends, grandparents, parishioners and staff members of St. Vincent de Paul community giving thousands of hours supporting the fundraising effort. 

11. Participation in all facets of the auction is strongly encouraged whether one volunteers, procures or participates in the events.  Every little bit helps.

Q: When is the Gala auction and where will it be?
A: Saturday, March 18, 2023 at Seattle Airport Marriott. Doors Open at 5:00 pm.

Q: This is our largest fundraising event of the year – why is it such an important event?
A: The Parish Auction for Catholic Education (P.A.C.E.) was established in 1982 and has been the largest source of fundraising for St. Vincent de Paul School ever since. We will be celebrating our 40 the year this year. Over the years P.A.C.E. has played a critical role in supporting our operational budget of the school. Examples of support the auction and the fund-an-item have provided are:

· Helps keep tuition affordable for our families
· Computer and Technology fund which has included 60 Chromebooks.
· Continues to support the Principal Fund and teachers wish lists
· New Desks and Chairs for each classroom

Q: What are procurement requirements and who can I ask for donations?
A: Procuring new and quality items starting at a $50.00 retail value from your favorite businesses you support, restaurants you dine at, experiences you have enjoyed are all great examples of items to procure. You can also ask family and friends if they would like to donate. 
Q: If my procured item is worth $100 do I get that towards my fundraising?
A: No. the amount the item sells for goes towards your fundraising. Example: Item retail value is $100 it sells for $150.00. The $150.00 goes towards your fundraising. If it your item sells for less than the value, the same applies.

Q: When are the procurement forms and items due dates?
A: Procurement due date is Monday, February 27, 2023. You can start bringing in your physical items in January once we have obtained a storage unit. Gift Cards and Certificates are welcome anytime.
Q: How do Sponsorships work towards my fundraising?
A: This is a great way to have all, or a large portion of your fundraising commitment covered. We have many levels of Sponsorships. If the sponsorship level includes tickets to the Gala event, then you deduct the cost of each ticket from the sponsorship amount. Example: Your local hairdresser sponsors at the Silver Level $1,000.00 – they receive 4 tickets to the Gala each cost is $80.00 totaling $320.00 - You will receive $680.00 towards your fundraising. Business Sponsorships play a key role in covering the hard costs of our auction so that all the money raised goes directly to our school.
Q: How can I volunteer to help with the auction?
A: It takes a lot of volunteer help to execute and have a successful auction. We have a list of ways you can help with the auction on our website link Volunteer - St Vincent de Paul (
Q: Can I sit next to the person I want to sit by at the event?
A: The best way to do this is to buy a table (we can seat 10 per table and will do our best to accommodate special requests.) Sending in your RSVP along with payment listing the name of each person you would like at your table and their meal selections.