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Compete as one community!

CYO Athletics are sports done a different way – as one community. Individuals and teams strive for greatness in accordance with Gospel values. To develop the whole person, we teach that success is not measured solely by the scoreboard, but by the effort, team play, and fun of the experience. 


We are excited to announce that CYO volleyball will begin in February! Grades 4-8 are available; however, we need coaches in order to establish a team.  If you or someone you know, is interested in coaching, please reach out to the CYO Athletic Director, Barbara Brooks, at (206) 852-6570 or

Here is the guidance for the 2022 CYO Volleyball season:

The following protocol is ever-evolving so please be aware that these could change throughout the season depending on COVID-19.

General Program Information

·Volleyball has different COVID-19 protocols since it is considered a ‘Moderate Risk’ sport compared to Basketball that is a ‘High Risk’ sport so that is why there are different protocols between the sports.

·CYO does NOT need to know who is vaccinated nor do you need to keep record of it.

·Programs will also NOT need to have a Healthcare Coordinator for Volleyball either.


Athlete/Coach COVID-19 Protocols

·Volleyball is considered a “Moderate Risk” sport.

·Masks are required for everyone (players, coaches, referees, and spectators) at all times.

·No handshakes or high fives.

·Teams do NOT switch sides of the court during the game.

·Each team will stand on their own attack line during opening prayer to allow for social distancing.

·Athletes will not eat any team snacks inside the gym. Beside water, all other food should be consumed outside of the gym.


Spectator COVID-19 Protocols

·All Spectators are required to wear masks while in the gym.

·Spectators must socially distance between family groups.

·Do not linger around the gym after a match. Please exit the facility immediately following the end of game play and wait for your child outside.

·Besides water, all other food should be consumed outside of the gym.


Volleyball Referees

 CYO needs Volleyball Referees for our upcoming season! They are hiring anyone who is at least 15 years of age when the season starts, must be vaccinated and willing to wear a mask during the matches. I have attached a flyer for you all to send out to your community that would greatly help us recruit more refs. We will offer Referee trainings in February, but the dates are TBD at the moment. We should have the dates finalized in the next couple of days.



One coach from each team is required to attend one of the coaches’ meetings. We have three options available, and they are all over Zoom.

One parent from each family is required to take the Parent Workshop in order for their child to participate in CYO. We have multiple workshops scheduled and parents can register on Team Sideline. It is a one-time class.

We are currently trying to schedule a First Time Coaches Clinic for new coaches to learn about subbing, rotations etc. Once we have confirmation then I will let everyone know.


Important Dates:

·Registration Deadline: February 4th ($25 late fee for registration after this date)

·PLACT Parent Workshops: Jan 20th, Feb. 2nd, Feb. 24th (Register on Team Sideline)

·Volleyball Coaches Meeting: Feb. 15th, 19th and 23rd (Times are TBD but these will be via Zoom as of right now)


5th – 8th Grade Matches:     

February 26

March 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27

April 2, 3

4th Grade Matches:

February 27

March 6, 13, 20, 27

April 3, 10


April 6th – May 1st, 2022


Please note the following clarifications for this season:

·Due to the above protocol regarding spectators, we will not be able to host home games at our gym.

·Practices will begin the end of January/beginning of February 2022.  Coaches will be in touch with parents once teams and practice schedules have been established.

·The following teams are available for registration:  5th Grade Girls


Registration Fee is $100 (this does not include costs for uniforms).  Coaches will host a parent meeting with their teams to discuss uniforms and applicable fees.

Register today at Team Sideline

If you have any questions, please email Barbara Brooks at

****Even if you don’t see your sport, please create an account, so you don’t miss out on any announcements for registrations and special events.****