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Discover what St. Vincent de Paul difference during our Open House

We are a faith-centered Catholic school that promotes academic achievement and spiritual development for our students and families. This is reflected through worship, learning, support of each other, and service to the community. 

At St. Vincent de Paul School, we believe in educating the whole child. Our approach goes beyond traditional teaching methods. We instill values like faith, community service, respect for others, virtue, integrity, responsibility and self-respect.

What sets us apart?  Why choose St. Vincent de Paul?

  • A safe environment for all 
  • Dedicated and experienced faculty and staff
  • An education that combines Catholic faith and teachings with academic excellence
  • Partnership with parents in the faith formation of their children
  • Our Pre-K and Pre-School classes which utilize hands-on activities and resources. Effective age-appropriate academic approaches
  • Smaller class sizes which offer more attention and support for students 
  • A balanced academic curriculum that integrates faith, culture and life



Admission is based upon the policy set by the School Commission.

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