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Parents Association

Following the One Spirit, Many Gifts guidelines for parish consultative bodies and their committees, the overall purpose of the Parents Association is to facilitate, encourage, and ensure ongoing community building by providing activities, fundraising events and service to the parish school. The association is a vehicle supporting communication between home and school, offering a mechanism for parent education and serving as a resource for political action when needed. 

Board Members:
Chair                                         Briget Caudill
School Commission Rep.        Aimee Bato
Hospitality Chair                      
Raffle Co-Chairs                       Jennifer Ramos and Maria Pascua
Auction Chair                           Tony McCarl
Parent Volunteers                    Laurie van der Roest and Jennifer Emil
Principal                                   Wanda Stewart

School Commission

The overall purpose of the Catholic school commission is to advise and support the pastor/parochial minister and the principal in the formation of policy and the ongoing development of the parish school.

Mission statement: We are parishioners and parents in partnership with our faith community who advise and support our Pastor and Principal. We focus on recommending school policy, formulating strategic plans, and recommending the most effective use of school resources. We are committed to the highest level of Catholic education to enable the children of St. Vincent’s to love and serve the Lord.

Aimee Bato, Scribe
Mitch Czuk, Chair
Mari Hagen
Tina Yamada
Wendy Wukello
Tony McCarl, Development Director
Wanda Stewart, Principal
Bishop Frank Schuster, Pastor
Fr. John Patrick