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“Here I am, Lord.  I come to do your will.”

Mission Statement
The purpose of this organization shall be to promote active involvement in service to others, to arouse a spirit of pride within St. Vincent’s, to encourage a high standard of academics, and to continue to promote the general welfare of the school and the community.

Student Crew is open to students in grades 5 through 8. Crew members are encouraged to live the gospel message through service to others and are expected to be good role models for the St. Vincent de Paul student body by exhibiting Christ-like qualities. 
          Members are expected to be: 
                  A good example to others
                  Kind to others
                  Rule abiding
                  Willing to serve others

Members are expected to follow the rules and regulations of St. Vincent de Paul School, complete and submit homework assignments on time, and maintain satisfactory grades. 
          There should be few, if any, homework infractions on file in the office. 
          There should be very few, if any, behavior slips on file in the office. 
          The 7/8th graders must have and maintain a “C” or better in all academic classes, and the 5/6th graders must maintain satisfactory grades. 

Meetings will be held during school hours (recesses or lunch) as necessary for planning events. Students who are members of a particular crew are expected to attend these meetings. Students who miss these meetings may be asked to resign from Student Crew.

Student Crews and Responsibilities  
          I.Service Crew (Limited to 20 members)
                  Food Drive
                  Penny Drive
                  Work (chairs, tables, physical assistance)
                  New Family Night
                  Catholic Education Week Open House

          II. Spirit Crew (Limited to 10 members)
                  Family Reunion
                  Spirit Days

          III. Dance Crew (Limited to 5 members; Open to 7/8th grades only - may be a member of another crew in addition to
              Dance Crew)
                   Planning for junior high dances
                   Decorating for junior high dances

           IV. Safety Crew - Open to 8th grade - may be a member of another crew in addition to Safety Crew
                    Assisting at am/pm carpool (crossing guards at crosswalk, assisting younger students exiting/entering cars
                    and walking to sidewalk, etc). This is particularly important as we welcome pre-school and pre-K to our school.
                    Will be asked to be at school early and/or stay a little later.
                   Will receive training for setting up tents and distributing emergency supplies in case of an emergency.

Application Process
Students should review the membership requirements before completing an application form and ensure that requirements have been met. Each student must have parent permission and recommendations from two of his/her current teachers in the following subjects: homeroom, math, science, social studies, or religion. 

Students must also answer questions outlining which Crew group he/she wishes to be a part of, his/her reasons for wanting to be a member of Crew, any previous service experience, and the qualities he/she possesses that would be of benefit to the group.

Applications are available in the office. All forms must be turned in by deadlines stated on the application.